Want to see what the Highland Games in Bressuire look like?

Want to hear what they sound like?

Plan to come to France for the IHGF Professionnal European Championships?

So watch this video by Gavin Anderson, our piper, our guitar-player and also our filmmaker

You'll see why so many people are looking forward to being in Bressuire on June 10 and 11.

Highland Games, pipebands, dancers and a fantastic atmosphere at the old castle:

Bressuire will definitely be on June 10 and 11 "the place to be"!

Thanks, Gavin, for your video about the Games.

It was a few years ago and we can't wait to watch that again. 

Many thanks to Maxence, an eleven-year-old schoolboy in Bressuire, for his logo!

Alain Cadu



about the line-up

about Robert WATT and the pipers

about our Highland Games story


2012 06 highland 010 bisComing soon:

a new video by Arthur JARRY: "Above Bressuire and its castle"