France may have lost her triple A, but the Highland Games blog is flourishing : the total number of visitors has now passed the 15,000 mark and since the beginning of the year, there have already been 2,600 visitors, mostly from France but with a good third hailing from the UK, Belgium and the US.
The blog’s secret weapon? The triple H! Haggis, Handigames and Highlandia.
IMG_0225H as in Haggis
In the month of January alone the blog notched up a record 1289 visitors largely thanks to its coverage of the Burns Supper and the highlighting of the haggis (photo: Louis FRADIN).

Who could resist a headline like “I can’t get no haggisfaction?!(just a click on HAGGIS in the right column)

Mind you, such a pun was enough to make poor Rabbie turn in his grave.
Let’s hope he enjoyed the Ode to Robert Burns even if it made the ears of Mr Burns burn.

1289 visitors in January, 1275 in February – a better score than the 1227 recorded in June 2010 after the Highland Games at the castle with the World Stone Throwing Championship carried off by Scott RIDER, an English athlete despite his name.

Scott de France

2H as in Handigames
1289 visitors in January, 1275 in February. A better score than the 1237 recorded in August 2011 after the Highland Games French Championship and the memorable Handigames ( photo: Pascale Le Fevre).
Click on the Handi tag on the right column to view the photos of this moving event.


2012 01 palenquin sion, chateau, vaches 015H as in Highlandia
Highlandia – an expression coined to embrace all that touches upon the Highland Games theme. Indeed, the blog is not confined to the Games themselves: there are also stories on related topics such as the birth of the two Highland cattle, Google and Internet, who now graze happily off-line in the lower castle grounds.

Of course, the articles with information on athletes’ performances are regularly consulted by an increasingly diversified international public.

Naked truth?
But the articles that have proved the most popular are those concerning kilts and the tantalizing question: What lies beneath?
No fewer than 400 people have clicked on the following link to view the photos in the hope of discovering the truth.

To their disappointment, the truth is not always naked!
Bressuire highland jbWith so many visitors to the blog, this is really not the moment to drop our aitches.

The most important H

So keep up the visits and we look forward to seeing you in Bressuire (photo Joannick BRIAND) on June 9th and 10th for the most important H of all:

the Highland Games European Championships.

Many thanks to Mary PINET for the English version of the Triple H and to the photographers for their pictures.

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Soon on the blog : Saint Patrick's day in Bressuire