HGAlain has two reasons to celebrate : one, he has just penned the 200th article on the blog. 200 in less than two and a half years.
Pretty prolific!

And two,the Highland Games have been officially consecrated as a local tourist attraction by the Tourist  Office of Bressuire and the surrounding area of the Bocage.
Truly terrific!

Indeed, there on page 3 of the 2012 brochure for group visitors to the area, side by side with Vendée’s illustrious historical theme park , Le Puy du Fou, is a half page spread devoted to the Games, complete with tartan clad pipers, a whirling stone-throwing athlete and, last but by no means least,  a horizontal flying caber looking for all the world like a missile.
Somewhat horrific?

 In a nutshell, all the ingredients of the Games are there in the brochure. This is the Tourist Office’s invitation to the 2012 edition of the Games, to take place on June 9th and 10th.

As they suggest, why not make a weekend of it by combining the Games with local gastronomic delights? A visit to an Anjou wine producer to titillate the palate, and to a ferme auberge to sample local fare.
Increasingly specific!

The 2012 European Championship Games are definitely not to be missed: to assure gasps of admiration from the crowds, athletes from 11 countries will compete in teams. And on the bagpiping front, Bressuire will be proud to present The Red Hot Chili Pipers.

If you think rock music and bagpipes are incompatible, tune in to this:

Scarcely soporific!

coverWith this original weekend package, the Tourist Office has added the Highland Games to the list of other well established tourist venues of the area:
  • the ostrich farm of Courlay,
  • the Vendée Wars military museum in Mauléon,
  • the 1900s village school at La Tour Nivelle in Courlay.
Such official recognition is an honour indeed!

Highly honorific!