Scotland is definitely linked with the Highland Games.But not only! Bagpipes and whisky mustn't be forgotten.

Bagpipes, Highland Games,Whisky... and no thrower got stoned.

Here comes the English version of "Les fleurs du malt", written by Mary PINET, of course...

Isle of Islay: Hip hip hooray

It came to the ears of the Bressuire population
(Always tuned in to the Scottish Twinning Association)
That the latter was to organize a whisky tasting party,
An event strictly destined for the hale and hearty.

2011 11 whisky 057So one Friday evening to the venue they came,
For a series of snifters they were all game!
And there one by one seven whiskies they tasted,
So as you can see not much time was wasted.

Each whiskey in its glass was held up to the light
To be judged on its colour – Mmmm, what a sight!
Then nose, taste and finish were carefully noted,
I can assure you that on this stage everyone doted.

As one Scotch with another competitively vied
Food in various forms was plentifully supplied
Seafood on skewers and porkish delights
That way not too many ended up tight…

2011 11 whisky 060Don’t worry, I’m just joking – ‘twas all most refined
With no one leaving anything – or anyone – behind;
And Gavin the piper entertained all the guests
Regaling them with tunes by popular request.

Of the seven whiskies tasted, two really stood out,
On that all agreed, unanimous, not a doubt:
A peat-flavoured Caol Ila from the Isle of Islay –
For this 12 year old nectar it was Hip, hip hooray!

The other –a Glenlivet all the way from Speyside
18 years of age : “How mature!” they cried.
And so on that note, all reluctantly retired
And were driven home to bed by the chauffeurs they’d hired


Great, isn't it? Three Cheers for Mary and Slanjiva!