UPDATE. Once upon a time, well, in 1991 to be precise, the towns of Bressuire and Fraserburgh decided to get hitched.

So they tied the knot and vowed to stick together for better for worse, for richer for poorer, et cetera, et cetera.

IMG_1042 2The partnership flourished and proved to be particularly fertile: indeed, in 2003 it gave birth to a bonny wee bairn: the Association of the Highland Games of France.

Proud godparents

Jean-Louis COPPET, the first chairman of the Bressuire Fraserburgh Twinning Committee, and Francis BREBNER from Fraserburgh, seven times World Caber Tossing Champion, are the godparents.(photo Dominique CADU, Courrier de l'Ouest)

And they have every reason to be proud.

The baby has grown up fast and gone from strength to strength.

Fresh editions of the Highland Games took place in Bressuire in 2005 and 2007. Then in 2009, Bressuire hosted the European Highland Games Championship.

2009 was marked by another birth – that of the BOCKERS, Bressuire’s very own Highland Games team.

 2011 08 HG 092 2

And what an awesome brood they are turning out to be!

And what a symbol it was with the Magnoux twins in the team!

twins faceAmong the first Bockers, there were two brothers.

They were bockers, they were strong and they were twins

Their names: Anthony and Sylvain MAGNOUX.

What a symbol for Bressuire and Fraserburgh!

 What a symbol for a successful twinning!


2010, a historic landmark: the Stone Worlds in Bressuire

As for 2010, that was another landmark year: the baby reached maturity with the staging of the World Championship of the light stone and the heavy stone throwing events.

10 5And the first Heavy who became World Champion in Bressuire was....

Scott RIDER from England

For the better and the richer

So all in all Bressuire and Fraserburgh can look back over their first 20 years together and congratulate themselves on a most fruitful alliance.

Affiche jpegTheir offspring may have given them a few sleepless nights what with teething problems, growing pains and one thing and another.

But overall everything has been for the better and the richer.

(adapted by Mary PINET)


2015: The IHGF Worlds on June 13,14

The historic first in France with the venue of the International Highland Games Federation World Championship in the old castle will be the climax of this French / Scottish twinning.

The crème de la crème of the international throwers will be in Bressuire with one of the most fantastic line-ups ever seen

The line-up

Just have a look at this homemade slideshow...

...and discover the twelve champions in alphabetical order:

Peter Karst BOUMA from Holland, Matt DOCHERTY from Canada, Robert FAZEKAS from Hungary, Jona Mac FARLANE from New Zealand, Dan Mac KIM from the USA, Sinclair PATIENCE from Scotland, Scott RIDER from England, Craig SINCLAIR from Scotland, Jimmy VAN DE WALLE from Belgium, Matt VINCENT from the USA, Lucasz WENTA and his brother Sebastian WENTA from Poland.

More about the champions: Their portraits in French and English ( 9 on line for the moment)

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