_N760895No self-respecting French home bookshelf is complete without a copy of the French language dictionary, Le Petit Robert. Every year it is brought up to date and this year’s crop of new words includes “cougars”, “e-learning”, “tweets” and ……..”vuvuzelas”.

Which is enough to make poor Alain howl with despair. Indeed, in 2010 during the World Cup in South Africa, our blogger went to great lengths to demonstrate once and for all and unequivocally the superior merits of the bagpipes (photo Joannick BRIAND) over the vuvuzela.

He is therefore thoroughly ruffled to see the vuvuzela warmly welcomed by the French language authorities whereas the bagpipes have been left out in the cold.

Just let the editors come to Bressuire and they will soon see that “bagpipes”, “piper” and “pipe band” are all part and parcel of the town’s everyday language.(more photos by Joannick Briand http://highlandgames.canalblog.com/albums/001_2011_06_bagpipes/index.html

But “vuvuzela”? What the devil is that?

The bigger the boobs, the better

 Come to think of it though, maybe there’s an explanation after all. “Le Petit Robert” translates into English as “the little boob”. Is it not highly fitting that an instrument that requires so little skilful blowing should figure in a thus-entitled dictionary?

 But to play the bagpipes, the more wind the better, the greater the lung capacity the better, or, to stretch a point, the bigger the boobs the better! So to accommodate “bagpipes”, we would need a dictionary called “the big boob” – Le Gros Robert – at least.

DSCF0749The Bocker, the better

Be that as it may, such linguistic considerations do not deter the spirit of the Bockers, Bressuire’s very own Highland Games athletes.

Avoiding all sporting pitfalls and booby-traps, they recently confirmed their growing talent at a demonstration in Dissay (photo with the organisers) where they broke several records.

A well-earned result as they train hard, the one prize they don’t want to win during the summer season being the booby prize!

Thanks and Congrats, Mary Pinet, for this splendid adaptation

For more photos about the Bockers in Dissay http://highlandgames.canalblog.com/albums/001_2011_05_dissay/index.html

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