What is it, you may wonder, that can regularly inspire

The stone putters to throw ever higher and higher?

What is it that spurs the hammer throwers on

To hurl their missiles with gusto, like bullets from a gun?

54318082Well, I’ll tell you what gives them such incredible power –

They’re trying to knock down Bressuire Church Tower!

54318270With all the champions who’ve already been

It’s a marvel the tower is still on the scene

42944373And now it has every good reason to quake

For two future events could leave disaster in their wake:

The European Games planned for next year

And the 2015 World Games which may take place here

Bressuire highland jbSo a piece of advice for future athletes to heed

And if you listen, Bressuire will be pleased indeed:

62707759Please train your sights on a target less dear

The water tower, for example, we could lose with good cheer!


Mary PINET in 2011

freely adapted from the blogger's post:le clocher en ligne de mire


Thanks, Mary for this poem

No need to update it! It's still true in 2015


Coming soon:

Hammers and pipers, a giant ten-pin bowling alley