DSC_9655For the first time in Bressuire, a world championship title was at stake: the traditional stone put.

Ironically enough, in this oh so Scottish sport, it was an Englishman named Scott who was the hero of the day!


Scott Rider threw the light stone 17.5 metres and the heavy stone 12.28 metres, making a total of 29.78 metres.


Instead of killing the proverbial two birds with one stone, Scott killed one bird with two stones – albeit a big bird in the form of Gregor Edmonds and his previous Bressuire records of 15.98 metres and 12.05 metres in 2005 and 2009 respectively.


Scott Rider, Sean Betz and Larry Brock. This was the final trio in each of the events that form the stone put duo with Scott riding two full metres ahead of Sean in the combined score.


Last year, Scott Rider missed his plane and with it the European Championship. This year, he plainly missed no planes and no opportunities either, carrying home with him, not the Ryder Cup, but the prestigious World Championship Stone Put trophy!