2010: The Bockers raise the pole for Larry BROCK

2010: The Bressuire Bockers raise the pole for Larry Brock


A pole leaning at 45°, a flag, men straining to raise the pole into vertical position.

Looks familiar?

Of course, Joe Rosenthal’s famous photo of American GIs raising the stars and stripes on Mount Suribach.

It was on the island of Iwo Jima in 1945!

Stars and stripes

In the film "Flags of our Fathers", Clint Eastwood tells the story behind the photo - how it was used to promote the war effort in the US.

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If the story behind the Bressuire Bockers’ photo were told, it would no doubt depict exhausting training sessions in all weathers and daunting moments when morale is fluttering at half mast.

Rosenthal’s flag photo boosted American morale.

Raising the Bockers' spirits

When the Bockers’ spirits flag and they couldn’t give a toss - caberwise or otherwise, let them think of their photo.

Like the GIs’ flag, their spirits will be raised – and the caber tossed all the further!


Adapted from the blogger's L'Iwo-Jima bressuirais by Mary PINET

The Bressuire Bockers in 2011

2011 08 HG 092

On the photo of the Bressuire BOCKERS in 2011, three winners of the French Championship: Amine AMROUN (2010 et 2011), Belkacem SMAHI (2012) et Seb PIZON (2013). Will a Bocker win the next French Championship?